TomoTherapy® uses its unique CT scanner design to deliver radiation continuously from all angles around the patient. Because a single beam is divided into many smaller “beamlets” the treatment can be sculpted to the area of the tumor and spare normal, healthy tissue. Additionally, TomoTherapy® uses daily CT imaging to assure that the size, shape and location of the tumor is identified prior to each treatment. This assures that the targeted area is the area being treated. Because of the unique properties of this unit, Capital Regional Cancer Center is able to provide highly targeted treatment to such cancers as breast, prostate, lung and cancers of the head and neck among others where high-precision treatment is important.

Capital Regional Cancer Center is proud to have the only TomoTherapy® unit in the panhandle of Florida. While there are only about 200 of these units world-wide, Capital Regional Cancer Center was the sixth site to have this technology installed and the fifth site in the world to start treating with it. Dr. Shah and our staff thus have significant experience in making the most of this technology for the patients we treat.

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