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Patient Testimonials

  • Kimberlee Quinlan


    Kimberlee Quinlan of Tallahassee will always remember January 26, 2013. That Thursday afternoon, she was saddling up her beloved horse Poppe’ when he got spooked and bolted. Later that same day, Kimberlee learned that she had breast cancer.

  • Patrick Slevin


    Patrick Slevin loves a good challenge. In 1996, at the age of 27, he took on a political challenge and was elected mayor of Safety Harbor, Fl, the youngest GOP mayor in the nation at that time. He’s also an athlete who has overcome some of the toughest challenges a body and mind can endure by participating in extreme events like the 2014 Peak’s Death Race. But just a few months after the grueling Death Race, at the age of 45, he was given a diagnosis of prostate cancer, perhaps one of the biggest challenges of his life.